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My name is Zaina Hussain, and I and a group of other students came together to build this website and compiled all of our notes - as well as references to other useful revision tools - to help others. I came up with the idea for this website and built it to serve as a solution for students sick of the 'pay to study' websites that infest the Google search page when you're trying to look for resources. 

After countless hours carefully making and formatting notes, we hope our efforts have paid off and this website proves useful for when you're studying, whether it's for an exam or for a review quiz.


Biology, Chemistry, Psychology - Zaina Fatima Hussain

Accounting - Syeda Batool Zehra

Maths, Physics - Laaraib Abro

Economics, History - Zainab Sawani





A variety of subjects from the Cambridge International system


Detailed notes and revision sheets for each of the subjects we offer


Feedback from teachers and tips from straight-A students

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